Screen Demons Festival 2016

The First North East Horror Film Festival

Exciting times ahead - the folks behind the Screenage Kicks film events in Newcastle have organised a horror film festival.

Screen Demons North East Horror Cinema Festival is our season of bespoke pop up horror screenings. We have curated a broad section of movies from the vast genre that is 'horror' – all cult classics of the past, present and future. Horror festivals have increasing become a popular mode of viewing, socializing and movie exhibition both nationally and international however Screen Demons is our regions first such festival dedicated to genre cinema of any kind. The difference between Screen Demons and the majority of other Horror Festivals is that this in our first year is not a two or three day festival of new film, but rather a season of 'repertory horror' (much loved classics, rediscovered golden gems, and a few unearthed obscurities thrown up for new appreciation) programmed with the intention of providing a platform from which North East horror fans can celebrate their chosen genre (and genre favourites) with a friendly community of fellow horror hounds and in unique and fitting locations which will lend gravitas and resonance to the communal viewing experience. Our aim is to draw horror fans out of their homes and home viewing habits and into a real life highly charged horror zone.

A labour of love with the emphasis on quality rather than quantity this year, we hope that Screen Demons will grow into an annual celebration of horror cinema across the North East.

So then horror hounds please join us as we take a ride to the dark side of the silver screen.

Screen Demons North East Horror Festival 2016


Click on event for film info.

THE WARM UP: 8.30pm every Monday in April. Tyneside Bar. Screen Demons have kindly been asked to curate a month long selection of films for the FREE entry Cult Cinema Monday’s at Tyneside Cinema Bar. We were given the challenge of keeping the films to 15 cert choices (makes sense with the screening being free and open to the public and existing bar clientele), so with the knowledge that we have plenty of all out horror shocks in the main programme we decided to make "fun" the main motivation with these warm up choices. All of these film titles will be kept secret until screening (trust us they're all great) - we hope to see you down there for the perfect social setting the meet you and get the festival rolling.

FRIDAY 6th MAY: Screenage Kicks present a fully immersive screening of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (1996). 8pm-11.30pm. Secret city center location announced on the day of the event.

FRIDAY 13th MAY: Screen Demons introduce hardcore thriller GREEN ROOM. 8.40pm-10.35pm. The much anticipated new film by director Jeremy Saulnier (BLUE RUIN, MURDER PARTY).

FRIDAY 13th MAY: Screen Demons present HORROR TRIPLE BILL - ALL NIGHTER. Part 1. FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 4: THE FINAL CHAPTER (1984). The best of the franchise featuring 80s cult stars Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover what better way to spend Friday the 13th than watching this with a room full of friends!

FRIDAY 13th MAY: Screen Demons present HORROR TRIPLE BILL - ALL NIGHTER. Part 2. SOCIETY (1989). Insane and incredible cult classic from Brian Yuzna (FROM BEYOND, RE-ANIMATOR) see it to believe it - you will not be disappointed!

FRIDAY 13th MAY: Screen Demons present HORROR TRIPLE BILL - ALL NIGHTER. Part 3. IT FOLLOWS (2014). Our favourite horror film in recent times, beautifully shot, incredible soundtrack and the perfect homage to the finest horror aesthetics of the late 70s and early 80s. See it on the big screen for the full creeped out effect!

FRIDAY 20th MAY: Newcastle Castle present…WITCHFINDER GENERAL (1968). Screening this 1960s British cult classic at The Castle Keep where real accused witches were imprisoned during the Newcastle witch trials! Doors 7pm. Price £10/£15 includes live witch trial introduction and post screening panel discussion.