THERE IS MORE TO THIS WORLD THAN IS SAFE TO KNOW... The internationally acclaimed debut feature from South Korean writer-director Lee Soo-youn, THE UNINVITED (AKA 4 INYONG SHIKTAK) is a brooding, atmospheric supernatural thriller starring Park Shin-yang (THE BIG SWINDLE, WHITE VALENTINE) and iconic Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun (BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE, MY SASSY GIRL & WHITE VALENTINE).

The Uninvited DVD cover

Having fallen asleep on the train while travelling home from work late one evening, soon-to-be-married interior designer Jung-won awakens and leaves the train at the last stop on the line only to see two young children still on board. The next day the news reports the police's discovery of the children's dead bodies on the train and it's not long before Jung-won starts seeing the ghostly apparitions of the pair sitting at the dining table in his apartment. Shaken by the visions, he begins to doubt his own sanity.

Later, he meets a young narcoleptic woman, Yun, and, called to assist her following one of her blackouts, takes her back to his apartment to recover. As she is leaving the apartment, Yun makes a casual comment suggesting that Jung-won puts his children to bed and it becomes apparent that she, too, can see the ghosts. As Jung-won learns more about Yun, he discovers that she is a key witness in the murder trial of her former best friend, who a yea earlier killed both her own and Yun's babies by dropping them from an apartment block balcony. It is further revealed that Yun, like her mother before her, has the ability to unlock the hidden memories of those with whom she comes into contact. Could it be possible that Jung-won's ability to see the ghosts is related to a forgotten incident from his past? The answer lies with Yun but, as Jung-won soon realises, some memories are best left concealed.

A haunting supernatural tale of loss of faith, infanticide, guilt and madness, THE UNINVITED is a powerful and thought-provoking chiller that transcends the average horror movie thanks to several truly shocking sequences, a complex plot, slick camerawork and impressive performances from Jun Ji-hyun and Park Shin-yang.

THE UNINVITED (cert. 15) was released on DVD (£15.99) by Palisades Tartan 5th October 2009.

Special Features include: Trailer
2.0 Dolby Digital
5.1 Dolby Digital and 5.1 DTS Surround audio options
Optional English subtitles.