An abondoned horror movie that becomes a murderous obsession.

Resurrecting The Street Walker - DVD Cover

While documenting his life as a lowly runner in a film production office, James Parker (James Powell - SWIMMING WITH SHARKS) uncovers the incomplete and long-forgotten 1980’s film, "The Street Walker". The film is inspired by the video nasty furore of the early 1980’s and the more contemporary idea of “torture porn”, for want of a better term. It depicts the torture and deaths of young women lured back to a psycho’s home under the pretext of making a movie. Desperate to make an impression on the film industry and to prove his ever-doubting parents wrong, James endeavors to complete the unfinished horror movie resulting in a murderous obsession. Repeated viewings of the incomplete film footage fuel his obsession. These viewings reveal a brief glimpse of the mysterious director’s reflection in a window and a short piece of blank film with audio which he is convinced refers to an actual death.

A friend and documentary filmmaker, Marcus (Tom Shaw - SKINS, THE INBETWEENERS) captures James' genius and madness on tape. Unbeknown to those around him James declines so far in to the fantasy world of "The Street Walker" that he is unable to untangle himself from the mystery he uncovers while resurrecting the film relic. For James, there is only one-way out and, for some, there is no escape.

RESURRECTING THE STREET WALKER draws on the myth of snuff movies, the hysteria of the “video nasties” era and the idea of cursed film productions such as THE EXORCIST and POLTERGEIST. Against this background we watch the gradual breakdown of an enthusiastic would-be filmmaker as he endures frustration during his time serving as an intern on the first rung of the film-industry ladder.

RESURRECTING THE STREET WALKER (cert. 18) will be released on DVD (£12.99) by Kaleidoscope on 28th June 2010.