Serial Killers: The Real Life Hannibal Lecters DVD Cover

The world's fascination with serial killers has spawned hundreds of fictional madmen in novels and feature films such as THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, SE7EN, KISS THE GIRLS and THE BONE COLLECTOR. None are more notorious than Thomas Harris' diabolical creation Dr Hannibal Lecter. However, before Lecter, there were a select group of real life monsters that terrorized our neighbourhoods; the terminally lonely Jeffrey Dahmer, co-ed killer Ted Bundy, body-piercing sexual pervert - Albert Fish, the shame of Communist Russia - Andrei Chikatilo and Pogo The Clown himself - John Wayne Gacy. Between them, they claimed over 150 lives.

SERIAL KILLERS: THE REAL LIFE HANNIBAL LECTERS will take you into a world that is rarely shown on television, such as the grotesque and macabre world that these monsters lived in. With never before seen footage, including interviews with world renowned experts on serial killers and exclusive footage of these real life cannibals, you will experience the holocaust these animals created. These killers were the models for Hannibal Lecter.