Will you be able to stomach this? Prepare for shocks aplenty with the latest low budget indie sadistic horror flick, RAZOR’S RING - where you'll be left wondering what you really just had for lunch!

Scott is a mild-mannered businessman, who finds himself abducted by two thrill-seeking killers and taken on a hell-ride into the bowels of a "family" consisting of rapists, murderers and modern day cannibals. Held prisoner with two unfortunate others, he is sent to "Red", an elderly woman and head of the "family", who promises them all freedom. As time passes and the abuse at the hands of their captors becomes more unbearable, two of his fellow prisoners are let go, giving Scott hope that he will also be free soon. When that day finally comes and he is positioned as the "honored guest" at a feast Red has prepared, Scott thinks his nightmare is finally over. The he finds a fellow prisoner's ring in the food and realizes they are the main course and that unless he escapes now he will be next!

Intended only for the brave, RAZOR’S RING will certainly make you think twice before accepting your next invite to a dinner party!

RAZOR’S RING (cert. 18) will be released on DVD (£12.99) by MVM Entertainment on 3rd May 2010.