Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street DVD Box cover

"A zombie film that breaks the mould, showing more substance, thought, effort and depth than most prior productions put together" (Bloody Disgusting), director Jim Mickle's "impressive debut feature" (Twitch), ZOMBIE VIRUS ON MULBERRY STREET comes to DVD riding a wave of critical acclaim that has seen it being favourably compared to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and 28 DAYS LATER.

It's the heart of a sweltering summer in New York City and the residents of 51 Mulberry Street are going about their daily business in the knowledge that they are soon to be evicted from their run down building. Among them is Clutch (Nick Damici), a retired boxer waiting for his daughter Casey's (Kim Blair) imminent return home from the war in Iraq.

Elsewhere in the city, a previously unknown rat-borne virus is spreading throughout the human population so quickly the emergency services are struggling to contain it. As day turns to night, the victims of this new plague begin to mutate into flesh-hungry creatures forcing the authorities to quarantine the island of Manhattan by sealing off all bridges and tunnels.

Back at Mulberry Street, Clutch and his neighbours have heard the news and are preparing to make a stand against any attack from outsiders, infected or otherwise, unaware that Casey is already in New York and fighting her way home through the bloody streets. What they do know is that while they are bolting doors and barring windows to keep the rodent-like zombies out, what's left of Manhattan will be trying to find a way in.

The film stars: Nick Damici, Kim Blair and Bo Corre.

ZOMBIE VIRUS ON MULBERRY STREET (cert. tbc) will be released on DVD (£12.99) by Momentum Pictures on 18th May 2009.

"If you're in the mood for a tense and terrifying claustrophobic heart attack, seek out {Zombie Virus On] Mulberry Street." - Dread Central.