Knife Edge DVD cover

Starring: Natalie Press, Hugh Bonneville, Joan Plowright, Tamsin Egerton and directed by Anthony Hickox

Blissfully happy in her new marriage, Emma has given up a successful career on Wall Street to return to England. Her husband has already bought their new dream home: a massive mansion house in the country - a house which had stood empty for 20 years but which he felt inexplicably compelled to buy.

Everything should be perfect but she is beginning to feel increasingly uneasy. When left in the house alone, it seems to speak to her, every room and shadow trying to communicate. She becomes increasingly alarmed by a series of strange visions and terrifying happenings in the house. She becomes convinced that the key to unlocking the house's secret lies deep in the woods at the bottom of the garden. Has Emma turned into a paranoid shadow of her former self or is the house hiding a dark, horrific secret?

Emma's psychic talents for predicting stock fluctuations on Wall Street suddenly change into a gift for seeing the past; cue elements from Stanley Kubrick's THE SHINING (USA, 1980) and a secret room plundered from Dario Argento's PROFONDO ROSSO (DEEP RED, Italy, 1975). However even references to these two great films fail to raise this effort from the depths of banality.