These Girls are so hot; a maniac killer must put them on ice!

Bikini Girls on Ice  - Poster

Stranded on their way to a bikini car-wash fund-raiser, a busload of hot college girls find refuge in an abandoned gas station on the outskirts of town. Soon their broken down bus is the least of their worries as a maniacal axe wielding mechanic starts picking them off one by one.

Scared, alone and miles from help, the girls are faced with a psycho killer who wants to put these hot girls on ice. Instead of struggling to raise small change, the honeys find themselves in the biggest fight of their lives.

The film is following a fine old Canadian tradition. Canada has an excellent record for producing slasher films; from Bob Clarke’s seminal BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) to the classics of the early 1980’s including PROM NIGHT, TERROR TRAIN, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and VISITING HOURS. BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE however doesn’t quite stand up to these classics of the subgenre.

It starts off well enough with the prologue which is well shot and scored to create an eerie, atmospheric feel. But it seems that all the best work was done for this sequence. The film ticks most of the boxes for slasher film requirements for example the local loony who warns the girls to leave the garage and the final girl but it lacks several important aspects. There is no back story to Moe the mechanic so he just comes across as some forgettable mad bloke. A sequel is due – so maybe more insight into the character will be provided then.

Apart from one gory scene the film is rather bloodless and there is only one occasion where a bikini girl loses her bikini! However the film is called BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE and you do get those two things in abundance. Moe probably furnished his garage at a house-clearance sale in Texas; in fact I’m sure I spotted the Sawyer’s old freezer.

With a title that screams exploitation ultimately it just doesn’t exploit enough.

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BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE is released on DVD by Kaleidoscope on July 5th.