Backwoods Bloodbath DVD Cover

The blood flows like raspberry syrup at an unsupervised pre-schoolers ice cream party in Backwoods Bloodbath, a gore-laden, low budget indie horror flick that delivers the shocks and scares in genuine old school-style with generous lashings of carnage, nudity and comic dialogue.

Winner of the Best Horror Feature award at the New York Independent Film Festival, the debut feature from writer-director Donn Kennedy is a shamelessly entertaining throwback to the non-PC horror movies of the early 1980s, and one which Kennedy himself describes as “American Pie in the woods, where the pie eats the kids.”

In 1877, a fierce, mysterious creature was discovered in the northern woods of Oneida County, Wisconsin. Dubbed ‘The Black Hodag’ by the locals, this legendary monster, rumoured to have a taste for human flesh, was spoken of only in hushed tones by those who dared to speak its name.

Jump to the present day, and six former college friends are reunited at the funeral of a recently deceased mutual friend. Keen to catch up on old times, they embark on a road trip into rural Wisconsin to rent a cabin in the heart of the Black Forest where they intend to spend the weekend screwing around and partying. Their first night in the area sees them spending the evening at a nearby dive bar, amidst dark but frankly unbelievable tales of the creature stalking the woods. However, the friends’ cynicism and disbelief soon turns to terror as mutilated bodies begin cropping up and it finally dawns on them that they have just become the latest items on the Black Hodag’s menu.

Backwoods Bloodbath (cert. 18) will be released on DVD (£12.99) by MVM on 26th April 2010.