Steve Oram

Toyah Willcox

Julian Barratt

Aaaaaaaah! DVD

" of the most unusual, blackly comic and ultimately disturbing British films in years." ---- Den of Geek

Aaaaaaaah BD cover

Steve Oram, known for hit Brit thrillers SIGHTSEERS and KILL LIST stars in his long-awaited directorial debut feature with a host of famous names. Get ready for the most unusual celluloid primal scream - an anarchic, hilarious, disturbing and touching look at the human condition. Recently nominated for the Discovery Award at the British Independent Film Awards, Aaaaaaah! is a film that needs to be seen and heard.

Alpha Male Smith and his Beta, Keith, move to take over a local community. They hook up with restless Female, Denise, igniting a deadly feud in which emotions run high and deep-seated grudges resurface amongst the tribe. Are we not men? Or are we simply beasts?

The daring, experimental debut from Steve Oram (SIGHTSEERS), is one of those "You'll either love it or hate it" films. Filmed entirely in monkey-speak, it's possible you may only last five minutes before reaching for the remote in confusion. At first I thought I had selected the wrong audio track, and I was listening to a director's commentary recorded at a zoo. From the start Oram goes for the gross-out with an assortment of genitalia, severed limbs and bodily functions. The closest comparison I could make would be a 21st century THEMROC.

The DVD and Blu-ray are also packed with some fantastic Extras including an insightful audio commentary with Steve Oram, the man with the vision.


  • Carolla Cooks - Carolla Cooks is a 10 min version of the cooking show you see at the beginning of the film with Shelley Longworth.
  • PUB! - Pub is the full 5 min version of the sitcom that the characters are watching at the end of the film. Stars Tony Way and Alice Lowe.
  • The Cast Speaks.
  • Audio commentary with Steve Oram.