Black, A. (Ed). Necromnomicon Book 2. The Journal of Horror and Erotic Cinema. Creation Books. London, 1998.

Necronomicon Book 2

Perverse Bodies, Profane Texts: Jesus Franco, de Sade. Xavier Mendik.

Abnormal ward: The forbidden visions of Hisayasu Sato. Jack Hunter

Strange Images o death: Manson, Polanski and Macbeth. Mikita Brottman.

Comic-Book Karma: from BABA YAGA to CEMETERY MAN. Andy Black

Angel Games: The early films of Walerian Borowcyzk. Matthew Coniam.

Tits, ass and Swastikas: Fatal film theory. Omayra Cruz

Anna with the Devil Inside: Klein, argento and THE STENDHAL STNDROME. Julian Hoxter.

Monstrous Mother: Dario argento and female abjection. Xavier Mendik.

Rope of Flesh: Russ meyer’s MUDHONEY deconstructed. Jack Sergeant.

Improper Burials, Unburied Memories: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD resurrected. Mikita Brottman.

Nouveau Noir: Nietzschean nihilism in SEVEN. Andy Black.

Mainstream Sickness: The real life horror of COPY CAT. Andy Black.

Progressive horror: NIGHTWATCH and MUTE WITNESS. Andy Black.

Female Vampires: girl power from the crypt. Bev Zalcock.