Black, A. (Ed). Necromnomicon Book 1. The Journal of Horror and Erotic Cinema. Creation Books. London, 1996.

Necronomicon Book 1

Once Upon a Time in Texas: TCM as inverted fairy tale. Mikita Brottman.

DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS: A lesbian vampire art film. Carol Jenks.

Detection and Transgression: the investigative drive of the giallo. Xavier Mendik.

Marco Ferreri: sadean cinema of excess. Andy Black.

FASCINATION: Jean Rollin, cinematic poet. Daniel Bird.

THE EVIL DEAD: from slapstick to splatshtick. Julian Hoxter.

PSYCHO/THE BIRDS: Hitchcock revisited. Mikita Brottman.

THE OTHER FACE OF DEATH: Barbara Steele and BLACK SUNDAY. Carol Jenks.

From "Trick" to "Prick": Porn's primitive pleasures. Xavier Mendik.

Crawling Celluloid Chaos: H P Lovecraft in cinema . Andy Black.

WITCHFINDER GENERAL: Michael Reeves' visceral classic. Leon Hunt

LAST TANGO IN PARIS: circles of sex and death. Adele Olivia Gladwell

Tortured Looks: Dario Argento and visual displeasure. Ray Guins

Herschell Gordon Lewis: compulsive tales and cannibal feasts. Mikita Brottman.

THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN: sexual polarity and subjugation. Carol Jenks

FRIGHTMARE: Peter Walker's psycho-delirium classic. Leon Hunt.

Thana as Thanatos: sexuality and death in MS45: ANGEL OF VENGEANCE. Xavier Mendik.

Clocks, Seagulls, Romeo & Juliet: surrealism Rollin style. Andy Black.