Mendik, X. (Ed). Shocking Cinema of the Seventies. Noir Publishing. Hereford, 2002.

Shocking Cinema of the Seventies

Introducing the Shocking Cinema of the Seventies. Michael Winner.

Part One: Hollywood on the edge. Xavier Mendik.

The New Mesmerica: Zabriskie Point, The Last Movie and Two-Lane Blacktop. Benjamin Halligan.

There Goes the Neighbourhood: The Seventies, the Middle Class and The Omega Man. Mark Sample.

The Stars Don't Always Survive: Disaster Movies as Savage Cinema. Stephen Keane.

Urban Legend: The 1970's Films of Michael Winner. Xavier Mendik.

Justifiable Paranoia: The Politics of Conspiracy in 1970's American film. Paul Cobley.

Part Two: The Ethnic Other in Action. Xavier Mendik

One-Armed and Extremely Dangerous: Wang Yu's Mutilated Masters. Leon Hunt.

Possessed by Soul: Generic (Dis) Continuity in the Blaxploitation Horror Film. Steven Jay Schneider.

'Jonesing James Bond: Co-opting Co-Optation and the Rules of Racial Subordination. Christopher S. Norton and Garrett Chaffin-Quiray.

Hammer Goes East: A Second Glance at The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires. I.Q. Hunter.

Part Three: seventies Horrors. Xavier Mendik.

Another One for the Fire: George A. Romero's American Theology of the Flesh. Linnie Blake.

Come On - A My House: The Inescapable Legacy of Wes Craven's Last House on The Left. Jonathan L. Crane.

Head Cheese: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Beyond leatherface. Martin Jones.

London Kills Me: The English Metropolis in British horror Films of the 1970's. Nick Freeman.

False Gestures for a Demonic Public in The Sentinel and The Anti-Christ. Andy Black.