The Horror Reader

Gelder, K. (ed). The Horror Reader. Routledge, London. 2000.

The Fantastic.

1. Definition of the Fantastic – Tzvetan Todorov.
2. 1848: The Assault on Reason – Jose B. Monleon.
3. Phantasmagoria and the Metaphysics of Modern Reverie – Terry Castle.

Horror and Psychoanalysis.

4. Vampires, Breast-feeding and Anxiety – Jsan Copjec.
5. Kristeva, Femininity, Abjection – Barbara Creed.
6. “In His Bold Gaze My Ruin Is Writ Large” – Slavoj Zizek.


7. Introduction to Monstrous Imagination – Marie-Helene Huet.
8. FREAKS – Mary Russo.
9. The Serial Killer as a Type of Person – Mark Seltzer.

Many Frankensteins.

10. Production and Reproduction: the Case of FRANKENSTEIN – Paul O’Flinn
11. Here Comes the Bride: Wedding, Gender and Race in THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.

Reading the King Vampire.

12. Dialectic of Fear – Franco Moretti.
13. The Occidental Tourist: Dracula and the Anxiety of Reverse Colonisation – Stephen D. Arata.
14. Vampyric Typewriting: Dracula and its Media – Jennifer Wicke.

Queer Horror.

15. Dr Jekyll’s Closet – Elaine Showlater.
16. Tracking the Vampire – Sue-Ellen Case.
17. Female Spectator, Lesbian Spectre: THE HAUNTING – Patricia White.

Ethnic Monsters.

18. Vampires in Greece – Ken Gelder.
19. KING KONG and the Monster in Ethnographic Cinema – Fatimah Tobing Rony.

American Gothic.

20. Introduction to American Horrors – Gregory A. Waller.
21. Introduction to American Gothic – Teresa A. Goddu.

Reading Splatter/Slasher Cinema.

22. Horrality – The Textuality of Contemporary Horror Films – Philip Brophy.
23. The Terror of Pleasure: the Contemporary Horror film and Postmodern Theory – Tania Modleski.
24. Her body, Himself – Carol J. Clover.

Low Brow/Low Budget Horror.

25. The Horror Film Fanzine – David Sanjek.
26. A (Sadistic) Night at the Opera: Notes on the Italian Horror Film – Leon Hunt.
27. Revenge of the LEECH WOMAN: On the Dread of Ageing in a Low Budget Horror film.

New Regional Horror.

28. Ghost Stories, Bone Flutes, Cannibal Countermemory – Graham Huggan.
29. Preposterous Hong Kong Horror: ROUGE’s (Be)hindsight and A (Sodomical) CHINESE GHOST STORY – Audrey Yue.