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Phantastische Videocover

Reproductions of horror video covers from 1980 onwards.

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Shock! Horror!

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Video Nasties

Full size reproductions of the infamous videos placed on the Director of Public Prosecution's banned list. Unfortunatley this book was released too late. It would have sold twice as well if it had been completed a few years earlier. One copy would have gone on the bookshelf, the other would have been dissected; pages torn out and placed in video cases to house those precious bootlegs, now rendered obsolete by DVD.

Edwards, G J, The Book of the International Film Poster. Tiger books International, London. 1988.

The Book of the International Film Poster

A well illustrated history of the development of the cinema poster. It demostartes the influence of contemporary art movements such as German Expressionism and Russian Constructivism and covers films from Ealing Studios to Italian Neorealism and Hollywood to Japan. Although the horror genre is severely under-represented this is an essential book for anyone with an interest in film posters and design. The book also features a very useful bibliography.

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Made in Hell. Italian Horror Film Posters

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The Art of the Nasty

A brilliantly constructed publication gathering the infamous video nasties and many more elusive videos from the pre-cert days. The artwork for each video is presented with release notes and a selection of contemporary news headlines on each page which perfectly locates the films and their artwork within 1980's British culture.

Nourmand T, & Marsh, G. Horror Poster Art. Aurum Press, London. 2004.

Horror Poster Art