Grant, Barry Keith. Planks of Reason. Essays on the horror film. Scarecrow Press. 1996.

Planks Of Reason

The Mummy's Pool. Bruce Kawin

Horror films, nightmares and prophetic dreams. The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Thing from Another World, The Wolf Man, Vampyr, The Mummy, The Mummy's Hand and The Mummy's Ghost.

Faith and Idolatry in the Horror Film. J. P. Telotte

V. F. Perkins in 'Film as Film' suggested we redirect attention to the movie as it is seen, by shifting the emphasis back from creation to perception. Here two sides of the visual process are considered. The normal audience experience of the genre, and the focus on perception within the structure of one film - Psycho.

Conditions of Pleasure in Horror Cinema. Dennis Giles

Reception theory and fetishism in relation to horror films.

Monster Movies: a Sexual Theory. Walter Evans

The Wolf Man, Dracula and Frankenstein.

The Aesthetics of Fright. Morris Dickstein

Horror films work best when they remain simple and fundamental, like Halloween and Night of the Living Dead, which have the timeless aura of the early genre classics.

The Gothic: A Literary Genre's Transistion to Film. Charlene Bunnell

The Haunting and The Shining.

Subgenres in Horror Pictures: The Pentagram, Faust and Philoctetes. Joseph Reed

The Wolf Man picture, the Frankenstein movie and the Mad Doctor movie.

The Witch in Film: Myth and Reality. Sharon Russell

Witchcraft through the Ages, Day of Wrath and A Very Curious Girl.

'Canyons of Nightmare'. The Jewish Horror Film. Lester D. Friedman

The Golem, The Dybbuk, The Mortal Storm, The Little Shop of Horrors and Young Frankenstein.

Daughters of Darkness: The Lesbian Vampire on Film. Bonnie Zimmerman

An Introduction to the American Horror Film. (Robin Wood)

Eros and syphilization: The Contemporary Horror Film. Dana P. Polan

Horror is not merely among us, but rather part of us, caused by us. The Howling, It's Alive, Dawn of the Dead, Wolfen and They Came from Within.

King Kong: Ape and Essence. Noel Carroll

Film, Society and Ideas: Nosferatu and Horror of Dracula. Lane Roth

The Idea of Apocalypse in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Christopher Sharrett

Archetypal Landscapes and Jaws. Jonathan Lemkin

The Comic and the Grotesque in James Whale's Frankenstein Films. Janice R. Welsch and Syndy M. Conger

Biological Alchemy and the Films of David Cronenberg. Mary B. Campbell

The Enemy Within: The Economy of Violence in The Hills Have Eyes. D. N. Rodowick

Halloween: Suspense, Aggression and the Look. Steve Neale

Enunciation and the Production of Horror in White Zombie. Edward Lowry and Richard de Cordova