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Deep Red Horror Handbook

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An early article on the works of Dario Argento.

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The Unwatchables. Greg Goodsell.

Appreciation of 'bad' movies.

"Hope I die 'fore I get old". Greg Goodsell.

Review of Don't Go Near the Park, 1979.

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Olde Worlde Horrors. John Martin.

Overview of European Horror Films.

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Inside the Head of Stuart Gordon. Chas Balun.

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The Third World Cannibal Films. Steve Bissette.

Overview of Mondo and Cannibal films.

Animal Mutilation: Geek Show Gore. Steve Bissette.

Mary Woronov Profile. (Kris Gilpin).

Trans-Atlantic Terror Trends. (Graham Rae).

Censorship in the UK and USA.

Fred Olen Ray Profile. Kris Gilpin.

Eco Horrors and Biohazards. Dennis Daniel

Mad science, pollution, freaks of nature and space viruses.

Lynn Lowry Profile. Kris Gilpin.

I Spit in Your Face: Films that Bite. (Chas Balun).

Disturbing films (Last House on Dead End Street, Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer, Combat Shock and Deadbeat at Dawn).

Nicholas Worth Profile. Kris Gilpin.

Gore Score reviews.

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Deep Red Special Edition

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Interview with Dario Argento, 1990 and filmography.

On your Knees in The Church. Chas Balun.

I Dream of Demons: Profile of Italian F/X Maestro Sergio Stivaletti. Thomas Nilsson.

The Strange Case of Ruggero Deodato: From Cannibals to Compromise in 10 Easy Years. Chas Balun.

Go for the Gross-Out. Stephen R. Bissette.

Different approaches to horror films.

The Monster Lives In a Glass Cage. Chas Balun.

Here's Blood in your Eye: Stalking Splatter's Sacred Cows. Dennis Daniel.

Horror directors in decline.

Nekromantik. Corpse-Banging as High Art. Jorg Buttgereit Interview. John Martin.

Naschy 101: A User Freindly Guide. Shane M. Dallman.

Paul Naschy overview.

Portrait of a Serious Conspirator. John McNaughton Interview. John Martin.

Guinea Pig: Cutting-Edge Splatter or Porno Gore? Chas Balun.

What You Will Not Find in Any Other Book: Recalling Some Favorite, Forgotten Horrors. Greg Goodsell.

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The Blood Spattered Bride: The Lesbian Vampire as revolutionary. Steven R. Johnson.

Gore Score reviews.

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Horror Holocaust

Of Headcheese and Chainsaws. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Days of Infamy: The Last House on the Left and I Spit on Your Grave.

Horror Obscura.

Various horror films discussed.

Lucio Fulci and the Scourge of the Cannibal Zombies.

Overview of zombie and cannibal films.

The Importance of Being Reanimator.

Day of the Dead, Reanimator.

Future Gore.

Wes Craven, David Cronenberg, Tobe Hooper and Joe Dante.


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Incredibly Strange Films

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